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Tempora was founded in 1967 by Giuseppe Maroso, who passed the art and passion of the highest-level carpentry on to his children.

Through the skill, artisan experience, constant technological adaptation and evolution of design taste, the company has come to interpret and realise architects’ desires and individual expectations with great sensitivity.

Our production stands out for its reliability, product quality, aesthetics, solutions and efficiency.

between nature and history

Our logo

At the start of the 1st millennium, at the eastern edges of Europe, some woodcutters had gathered some trunks from trees which began their lives over 400 years earlier. Huge trees more than a metre in diameter. These trunks were never recovered, and with the passage of time they plunged into a bog where they remained for over 950 years. Nature and time altered the molecular structure of those trunks; they lost some of the wood’s characteristics, but did not petrify and remained “alive”. Our logo is part of one of these trunks, a wonderfully unique work of art that links the past to the present and connects modern production concepts to the Italian cabinet-making tradition. It represents exclusivity, preciousness, rarity and distinction.

Who we are

Our staff

He is a carpenter of refined and scrupulous tradition. His in-depth knowledge of wood allows him to make even the most difficult furnishings.

Production Dept.

Attentive and meticulous, she is able to turn the design idea into detailed working drawings.

Technical Dept.

He is the first contact you will have with the company, and he is always friendly and helpful. Together with him youwill define the feasibiity aspects and give your projects substance. He will also be the one who will provide you with a complete detailed estimate of the delivery schedule.

Sales Manager

He is the master of finishes, the alchemist ready to make any surface special and impeccable.

Finishing Manager

She is the heart of the company, endowed with organizational abilities and an enormous dynamic drive that allows her to succesfully take up challenges along with her team.

General Manager

All of the technical aspects pass by him. He boasts expertise ranging from computer science and simulative 3D to carpentry and numerical control (CNC) machines.

Technical Manager

Nothing passes by him unnoticed. Before each shipment he always checks twice that everything is in order and that nothing is missing.

Production Dept.

Discrete and attentive, he knows how to tackle and solve the critical issues of the assemblies at the work site with pragmatism and flexibility.

Assembly Dept.

She follows the administrative part of the company and handles quality control. Attentive and meticolous, she takes care of all of the procedural aspects in the company.

Administration Manager


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