How we work

Improvisation never leads to quality.

We have developed our quality thanks to our vast experience in the furnishing sector. The high level achieved by our production, precision and constant technological research allow us to offer any custom-made furnishings or furniture.


The starting point for our work is the designer’s request to create an interior project. This request is handled by a technically capable figure who can provide competent and flexible advice.

The person who draws up the quote is not just a “seller”, but an expert and experienced technician who knows if something can be done and how to do it. Ideas need a reliable and thorough partner. We provide a customised quote, definite results and transparency on the timing of construction and assembly. In this phase, we try to interpret drawings and sketches in the best possible way and understand the client’s needs, while obviously also aiming to stay within the available budget.

Contract signing and survey

Our quote contains a detailed and complete description of the entire supply. The customer signs this document as a guarantee of mutual commitment. At this point, precise and detailed measurements are taken to lay the foundations of the work.

In this phase, we invite everyone involved (customer, designer and site management) to an onsite meeting to immediately discuss all the technical aspects of the furnishings, including assembly.

Technical drawings
and samples

In this phase, we develop the project for production, complete with a key and list of materials and finishes. We create a 3D design of the project spaces and insert all the furnishing elements requested in the quote phase. This allows us to have a complete overview of the project and solve any critical issues, including those related to installation (lighting system, plumbing, automation, etc.) This delicate phase is aided by creating samples of the main elements necessary to define every detail of the furnishing elements. Each sample is submitted for customer approval and modified if necessary.

Executive drawings and
bill of materials

Once the project drafts have been accepted, we proceed to produce the executive drawings needed for production. This information faithfully reflects what the customer signed. In particular, we generate the bill of materials for the elements comprising the project. The executive designs and bill of materials are the very DNA of the project.

Pre-assembly and painting

Every single element is pre-assembled on the company’s premises. This guarantees the functionality and quality of each element. Upon specific request, the customer has the opportunity to see, check and physically touch everything before shipping.

Packaging, shipping
and assistance

Each item is carefully packed and protected. Each package has a label with the general reference and exact destination of the item inside. Based on the project materials, we provide a touch-up, maintenance and care set.
If necessary, we can supply any spare part or component of any item supplied, thanks to our detailed bill of materials.

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