Developing and implementing high-level furnishing projects

The basis of our work at Tempora is to create an efficient and proactive development environment around professionals and customers.

We are partners in developing and implementing high-profile furnishing projects: we suggest solutions and solve those problems that may arise when bringing to life ideas that are often outside the box.

Over the years, we have dealt with projects with multiple styles, processes or materials, ensuring each one is completed to the highest levels of quality.

An architect, interior designer or company that turns to us can count on a team of professionals, technicians and craftsmen who can solve every design need arising from complete interior projects or custom-made furniture.

a way of working that excites us

A single point of contact

The synergies we have acquired make us a modern general contractor which can be entrusted with the technical development and supply of turnkey furnishing projects.

We take care of the technical development, construction and assembly of each custom-made furnishing. We are committed to identifying the construction criteria and the most suitable materials.

Each order is handled by a single contact person, capable from both a technical and organisational point of view, who maintains a constant relationship with the customer.

The result is not only quality and punctuality, but also a skilled and flexible technical consultancy service with “ad hoc” solutions for each project.

The architect or interior designer will then see their requests identified and processed, confident in the result, with no surprises and the certainty that delivery times will be respected.

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Special Processing

Our expertise and continuous research enable us to perform multiple processes on countless materials. Craftsmanship, experience and expertise are common to every person who works with us, ensuring that we provide impeccable special processing.

We study innovative materials, invest in research and development and constantly refresh our knowledge to suggest new production solutions. We work to ensure innovation alongside maximum and unquestionable quality.

We can offer a vast assortment of Thermowood. These materials, suitably protected with a zero gloss varnish, can be used to create furniture with unexpected colours and particular textures. The colours are warmer and softer, while the sensation to the touch is “tactile”.

Leather and fabric boiserie crafted by expert hands give each project perfection and exclusivity.

Our painting and lacquering department can provide a diverse range of finishes. We can satisfy any requests: oil finish, matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, metallic effect, mother-of-pearl effect, matt varnish or glossy varnish. The colours and gloss are customisable.

we take on challenges and solve problems

Dedicated Solutions

We assist professionals and offer furnishing solutions for special or challenging projects.

With decades of experience in the field, we specialise in multiple furnishing sectors and can evaluate any request to offer a tailor-made and haute couture service.

Optimising the characteristics, verifying their feasibility and reworking construction elements to ensure correct manufacturing are just some of the added values that professionals obtain when they collaborate with us.

Technical development with 3D CAD allows an extremely precise design and allows the interior designer to verify the final result, dispelling any doubts and avoiding any surprises.

see for yourself

In-house showroom

We have taken our ten-year presence in a constantly evolving sector, the multiplicity of styles and materials of the bespoke furnishing sector, and brought them together in a single showroom.

Architects, interior designers and any professionals handling projects will find a source of inspiration in our showroom. There you can see and touch materials and finishes, and find a trove of aesthetic and colourful stimuli combined with many technical solutions potentially useful to complete each project.

You’ll find over 4,000 samples of finishes spanning essences and colours.

From the more traditional woods like maple, walnut and oak to the most refined essences such as ebony, erable, rosewood or eucalyptus frisé, sycamore, briar, feather and many more. From matt lacquers to decorated lacquering, from oil finishes to glossy paints, from mother-of-pearl effects to metallic finishes.


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