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Interior design
and custom-made furnishings

Our unique sector experience enables us to design and create interiors and furnishings at the request of architects, interior designers and companies.

We always tackle diverse projects with a pragmatic spirit and an international mindset, without sacrificing our artisan soul. Our customers entrust us with their projects in view of the passion we devote to achieving them and their confidence in our high-performing and reliable working method.

Our efficient organisation, combined with a close-knit team qualified in the various furnishing sectors, ensures we can satisfy every design and style request. Starting from a simple idea, we create customised furnishing solutions through masterly use of cutting-edge technologies and access to a wide selection of materials.

Why choose us?

experienced and specialised staff

Single point of contact

Over the years and experiences, we have been able to create a network of selected suppliers allowing us to tackle articulated and complex furnishing projects with expertise.

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multiple processes on infinite materials

Special Processing

Our expertise and constant research enable us to perform multiple processes on countless materials. If you've designed it – we can make it happen.

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we accept challenges and solve problems

Dedicated Solutions

We can assist professionals or companies and propose solutions to special or challenging projects. We take on challenges and solve problems.

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a constantly evolving sector

In-house showroom

We have taken our ten-year presence in a constantly evolving sector, the multiplicity of styles and materials of the bespoke furnishing sector, and brought them together in a single showroom.

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Furnishings like no others

Completed projects

Technique, experience, perfection

How we work

Between nature and history

Our logo

At the start of the 1st millennium, at the eastern edges of Europe, some woodcutters had gathered some trunks from trees which began their lives over 400 years earlier. Huge trees, more than a metre in diameter. These trunks were never recovered, and with the passage of time, they plunged into a bog where they remained for over 950 years.


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