Luxurious Russian apartment


The stylish design of this luxury Moscow apartment was overseen by Architectural Bureau BSK Design. Every element, from the choice of materials to the distinctiveness of the design, communicates value and opulence.
Every detail has been carefully considered with the aid of appropriate samples. Numerous technical solutions have been adopted, and countless types of materials have been chosen by the studio.
In this particular implementation, we have been able to demonstrate the rigorous and orderly approach we take when dealing with these types of complex and comprehensive projects.

Architectural Bureau
BSK Design

Eucalyptus thermowood

Elegant doors made of eucalyptus thermowood arranged in a herringbone pattern and gloss varnished are further enhanced by a central decoration in steel and glossy black lacquer.

Galuchat effect ray printed leather

The kitchen is made using elegant reconstituted wood, and the panels of the doors and drawers are covered with printed leather with a galuchat effect and framed by a polished steel profile.
Knobs and handles were made to measure and proportioned with the size of the wooden edging.

Backlit boiserie

Despite its limited thickness, the wood panelling next to the table is uniformly lit, with no shadows or overly bright areas. This was achieved through the use of special panels and a unique construction technique.

Luminous columns

Four glass and steel columns have been placed beside the two doorways to the kitchen, giving the room a special atmosphere. Nothing has been left to chance;, the scenic effect was also previously verified and agreed on with the support of dedicated samples.

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