Romantic Eclectic Apartment


This apartment came about from the union of the Anglo-American style with the 18th-century Venetian style. Pastel, gold and turquoise colours create elegant combinations with a definite impact. The architect Vyacheslav Alekseev coordinated with the two design studios HOMMIX and KM STUDIO to create the design for this romantic and eclectic apartment. We took care of the realisation down to the smallest details, putting our experience and solutions at the customer’s service for a result that speaks for itself.

Study of Architecture:
Vyaceslav Alekseev

Walk-in closet

The integrated doors were calibrated to the customer's spaces and coordinated with the interior doors of the apartment. An essential aesthetic continuity in this luxury apartment.

Capitonné headboard

A custom-made headboard with fabric chosen by the customer and capitonné effect completes the upholstered bed in the bedrooms.

Decorated bookcase

Style and elegance complete the bookcase with muntin bars, drawing the eye in the living room of this romantic apartment.

Custom bedside tables

Originating from the customer's need to combine style and space, the custom bedside tables are a notable feature of this project. The chosen style required particular friezes that were revised and re-proportioned to create perfect harmony.

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